Engineers Sales-Service Co., Inc. was established in 1947 as a distributor for boilers and pumping equipment. The firm incorporated in 1954 and stopped selling boilers in early 1955 to concentrate on pumps and control panels. The name ESSCO was coined and soon became a trade name.

During the year 1968 the first ESSCO submersible sewage pump was produced. Our Model VSS is still in production and since there is still a demand, it continues to be an important part of the product line.

In 1975 it was decided the product line should be expanded from a single product to three pump lines. With the pump developers working night and day, testing and certifying each model, applying for patent protection, the new lines were developed which resulted in a superior vortex pump product. Since that expansion, a complete line has been developed encompassing submersible pumps, horizontal pumps, vertical pumps and column style (sump) pumps to cover the needs of the industry.

In 1981 the development of the ESSCO non-clog submersible pump product line was completed. The ESSCO enclosed impeller non-clog pump line features outstanding hydraulic efficiencies and large solids handling capabilities. At the current time, ESSCO is expanding into other product areas.

In 1985 ESSCO began employing a special manufacturing process (developed by JLI Technologies) which allowed higher production and better quality control of alloy pumps. With the introduction of the high technology in the manufacturing process ESSCO now produces pumps for severe duty applications.

ESSCO has distributors in many states across the Unites States including Alaska and Hawaii and is continually looking for quality manufacturer's representatives and distributors to expand our influence in the market. The company maintains a large stock of complete pumps and replacement parts in the Los Angeles warehouse. ESSCO has established several manufacturing and assembly locations in the United States to keep up with the growing demand for quality pump products with prompt deliveries.

ESSCO is a member of the Hydraulic Institute and all performance tests are conducted to meet the standards set forth by the Institute. All ESSCO pumps are cast, manufactured, assembled and tested in the United States.

In addition to manufacturing pumps, Engineers Sales-Service Co., Inc. has a Control Panel Division which produces only U.L. listed control panels. The same high quality that goes into every ESSCO pump also goes into every ESSCO electrical control panel.

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