CUP STYLE IMPELLER For Waste Water Treatment Plants

ESSCO has been designing and manufacturing recessed style cupped impeller horizontal pumps since 1985. ESSCO includes all the features dictated by the needs of our customers in the area of wear and abrasion resistance and has improved on many of these features. ESSCO surveyed their valued customers prior to designing this series of pumps to eliminate the problems they experienced using other manufacturer’s products. Customer suggestions were instrumental in the design of this product. After final assembly of the first units, customers were invited to the factory to inspect the units. Their additional suggestions were incorporated into the final design the pump, which proved to be a remarkable contribution to a well designed product.ESSCO has always had a policy of listening to our customers and implementing product changes when it makes sense to do so. ESSCO’s recessed cup style impeller horizontal pump is designed to handle grit, sludge, rags and long stringy material without plugging. These types of solids are commonly found in waste water treatment plants and other severe duty installations. ESSCO offers a prorated 5 YEAR WEAR WARRANTY as an option. Consult factory for details.


VOLUTE: Each ESSCO back pullout style volute is designed for ease of assembly and maximum life and is manufactured from extremely abrasion resistant materials. Extra material is provided in high wear areas as well as special designs to handle heavy grit slurries and sludges. Due to the Brinnell hardness of the volute, all bolting flanges are slotted to allow for ease of assembly. ESSCO has a standard centerline discharge volute which allows it to be self venting and automatically releases air trapped in the pump volute (also known as an air bound pump). Air bound pumps are a common complaint of users who have tangential discharge volutes. The centerline discharge also eliminates the need for a right hand and left hand pump case. An optional conventional tangential design is available upon request.

SUCTION COVER: A contoured suction cover is provided to insure passage of suction sized solids from grit, rags or sludge laden liquids. The suction cover thickness ranges from .75” at the volute bolt flange to a massive 1.5” thickness at the point of highest wear. The generous amount of material provided will provide the owner the maximum possible life of the suction cover which in turn reduces the overall cost of ownership for the life of the unit. The suction flange is slotted for easy connection to suction piping and has a raised face to allow for proper gasket sealing. Suction flanges match ANSI 150# dimensions. All gasket surfaces are ground to a smooth finish which allows for the best possible gasket seal. ESSCO eliminated an O-Ring glued to an “as cast” irregular surface groove. This eliminated leakage associated with the O-Ring method of sealing.

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