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Horizontal Vortex Pumps

Standard 100% Recessed Vortex Impeller :

Standard 100% recessed vortex impellers can be trimmed in any material. Cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, Ni-Hard, HCI (High Chrome Iron) plus many many more.

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Ring Cup Impeller :

Ring cup impellers are used in various applications but, are primarily used in grit , slurry or sludge applications. The outside diameter encompasses a ring which is part of the impeller shroud to keep particle impact to a minimum on the pump case. These impellers are available in the same materials as the standard vortex impellers


Cup Impeller :

Cup style impellers are used in grit and slurry applications with high particle content. Originally developed for the waste water grit handling market this design has found acceptance in handling sludge as well. This design is available in Ni-Hard and HCI as standard materials with Brinnell hardness ranging from 550 (as cast) up to 750. These impellers typically cannot be trimmed. Other materials can be furnished upon request.

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