ESSCO submersible pumps are of the 100% recessed impeller design. Each unit is capable of handling long stringy material, large size solids and slurries, with maximum solids handling efficiency. The ESSCO pump incorporates the vortex pumping action along with unique pump design, allowing the greatest flexibility in the submersible pump field. ESSCO offers special materials, specialty coatings and special mechanical seals along with many other options.

VOLUTE: Each ESSCO volute is designed with maximum life in mind. ESSCO provides extra material in high wear areas as well as special designs to handle heavy grit slurries. With casting thickness up to 1.25".

IMPELLER: ESSCO pumps have various impellers available to allow for high capacity and low head capability, or high head and low capacity applications. ESSCO also incorporates a special machining technique to shred and break down any solids which might come into contact with the impeller. Standard impeller is ductile iron.

COOL AGIVENT: Each ESSCO submersible pump includes a Cool Agivent® apparatus which is for venting pump cases and cooling external surface of the motor. This patented device will allow a more shallow wet well design, as well as keep the motor cool when not submerged. All ESSCO submersible pumps are capable of running dry continuously. (Consult factory for specific

MOTOR: Reliance U.L. listed for Class 1, Div. 1, Group D, hazardous location, complete with a moisture detector and thermal protection. Heavy duty thrust bearings and dual seals give added protection and on special request high temperature or abrasion resistant seals are available.

SIZES AVAILABLE: 2" through 6" discharge.

SPECIAL MATERIALS: ESSCO submersible pumps are available in materials other than cast iron. Special materials include 316 S.S., bronze and high chromium iron (Brinnell 550-650 hardness). Other materials are available on special requests. ESSCO maintains a large stock of complete pump units and spare parts for quick shipment. Pump test certification available upon request.

All ESSCO Pumps Manufactured, Assembled and Tested in the U.S.A.

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