U.L. Listed Duplex
Float Switch
Control Panels

Pictured above- Duplex, NEMA 3R free standing float switch control panel with alarm light and bell.

ESSCO Float Switch Control Panels are Custom Designed and built to our customer’s specifications. ESSCO will provide a float switch control panel to not only meet a customer’s requirements for circuitry but
ESSCO can design and build custom enclosures to meet existing customer space requirements. ESSCO Float Switch Control Panels are U.L. listed, and built to the U.L. 508 Control Panel Standards, with all components in the ESSCO Float Switch Control Panel being U.L. listed or U.L. recognized. In addition to U.L. 508, ESSCO can provide a U.L. Label on control panels which conform to U.L. 698a. The U.L. 698a label applies to control panels which have intrinsically safe circuitry.

ESSCO Float Switch Control Panels are
practical in design, very reliable in operation, with every consideration given to the operator.

Operation and maintenance costs are negligible when compared to other similar systems. The control panel is built locally,
using standard components available anywhere. The use of a float switches is an economical method of controlling liquid level in a wet well. ESSCO recommends
(and furnishes) U.L. Listed float switches for all installations. For sewage applications such components must be Class 1, Division 1, Group D, explosionproof, in order to comply with CAL/OSHA safety standards.

The ESSCO Float Switch Control Panel has an unlimited success record since the initial installation, followed by over 1,000 installations to date. Prompt reliable service has been the foundation of ESSCO since
1947. A reputation that is ESSCO’s best selling aid!


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