WEAR PLATE (Optional): Located behind the impeller and in front of the stuffing box is a heavy duty wear plate. The wear plate is designed as a single monolithic piece to provide maximum protection to the stuffing box or optional mechanical seal housing. The ESSCO wear plate is contoured to match the impeller back shroud which reduces the possibility of grit and sludge getting between the wear plate and the impeller shroud causing excess wear.

STUFFING BOX: The stuffing box is a two piece design, consisting of “stuffing box ring” and a “stuffing box cartridge”. The stuffing box cartridge is bolted to the stuffing box ring which allows for the two pieces to be manufactured from different materials. ESSCO has supplied many customers with a cast iron stuffing box ring and an optional stainless or bronze stuffing box cartridge. This eliminates many problems associated with corrosion as experienced with standard cast iron stuffing boxes. The standard packing gland is bronze, but is available in an optional stainless or alloy material.

PUMP SHAFT: ESSCO supplies a heavy duty 400 series stainless steel pump shaft on all close coupled pumps. Stainless steel pumps are furnished with a 316 Stainless steel shaft.

SHAFT SLEEVE: ESSCO offers a wide variety of shaft sleeve materials. Standard shaft sleeves are hardened 400 series stainless steel. Each shaft sleeve has an internal O-ring to seal between the shaft and the sleeve which prevents the pumped liquid from damaging the shaft. The standard shaft sleeve is key driven to insure rotational integrity. Typical options for shaft sleeves are 316 SS, Stellite, Hastaloy along with many others.

PACKING AND MECHANICAL SEALS: ESSCO furnishes graphite impregnated non-asbestos braided packing as a standard. Each packed stuffing box contains (5) five rings of packing and a Teflon lantern ring. The standard packing box can accommodate double mechanical seals as well as cartridge style mechanical seals.

PUMP STAND: ESSCO furnishes a variety of styles in pump stands to meet customers needs. A fabricated steel pump base with separate suction elbow is standard. Some pump sizes can be furnished with an optional integrally cast pump stand and suction elbow. In addition the fabricated stands can be furnished in Stainless Steel.

SUCTION ELBOW: ESSCO furnishes cast iron suction elbows with large clean out ports and covers. Suction elbows have heavy wall cross sections to allow for long service life. The clean out port is furnished with a gasket or O-ring seal and stainless steel fasteners.

SIZES AVAILABLE : (Check desired pump Size)

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