The impellers pictured above are trimmed to meet a specific condition point. Trimmed impellers eliminate the need for belt drives or variable speed drives for units manufactured from extremely hard materials such as Nihard 650.

The generous amount of material will provide the owner the maximum possible life of the suction cover which in turn reduces the overall cost of ownership for the life of the unit. The suction flange is slotted for easy connection to suction piping with a raised face to allow for proper gasket sealing. Suction flange match ANSI 150# dimensions. All gasket surfaces are ground to a smooth finish which allows for the best possible gasket seal. ESSCO’s accurate machined flange provides a superior design over the use of an O-Ring glued to an “as cast” irregular surface groove, thus eliminating problematic leaks.

IMPELLER: The ESSCO 100% recessed style impeller was given thorough design consideration. Utilizing modern methods of manufacturing, ESSCO was able to produce impellers with a straight, accurate bore and keyway.


ESSCO takes advantage of high tech manufacturing processes to produce trimmed impellers which meet specific flow and head condition points with out the use of belt drive units or VFDs. Specification requirements using a tapered shaft with a flat section to act as a keyway, coupled to a soft lead babbitt material in the bore of the impeller, was improved upon with the use of a straight bore design. By using up to date manufacturing practices and methods a major complaint of maintenance personnel was alleviated.

IMPELLER BOLT PROTECTOR: As an added feature, ESSCO includes an impeller bolt protector on each pump. Even though the impeller bolt is located in a recessed area of the impeller there was a potential for grit to cause wear on the bolt head making it very difficult for removal of the bolt. ESSCO manufactures the bolt protector from the same material as the impeller to completely cover the head of the bolt. This protects the head of the bolt from the pumped material thereby insuring no damage to the impeller bolt.

WEAR PLATE: Located behind the impeller and in front of the stuffing box is a heavy duty wear plate. The wear plate is designed as a single monolithic piece to provide maximum protection to the stuffing box or optional mechanical seal housing. ESSCO does not use cast in soft metal inserts on the wear plate. Maintenance personnel complained about constant leaking around the inserts cast into other manufacturers wear plates.

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