Stone Washed Jeans
Job Report
ESSCO has furnished pumps and control systems for various applications in the stone washed jeans industry. ESSCO pumps are designed to handle difficult process products containing a high volume of solids, long stringy material and aggressive liquids which are discharged into the waste stream. ESSCO produces heavy duty pumps in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

Above photo shows floating pumice stones and ESSCO 4x12 Tufsub ® in main waste pit.

Solution: In 1992 two ESSCO 4x12-15-6 Tufsub ® severe duty extra tough submersible pumps were installed in the main waste pit. The pumps have 100% recessed impellers and are constructed with HCI volute, HCI impeller, HCI wear plate, tungsten carbide lower mechanical seal, HCI lower seal spring protector, stainless steel pump stand and the motor coated with Kopcoat 300 M bitumastic coating. The pumps are rated for 750 GPM at 30 Ft. TDH. These pumps have provided the user with many years of trouble free operation.
Problem: How to handle 40,000 pounds of pumice stone per day, over one million gallons of water per day and miscellaneous nuts, bolts, pipe nipples and gaskets which are found in a combination stone wash jeans plant and commercial laundry. Typical Users:

American Garment
H.I.S. Aquatech
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